Adelaide City Eat Streets

A diverse place

Nothing reflects Adelaide’s diverse population more than the incredible number of places to eat around the city and suburbs.

Chinatown and Gouger Street, Adelaide, South Australia

Close to Chinatown and the Adelaide Central Market, Gouger Street is crammed with Asian restaurants. There are more than 30 Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Malay restaurants to choose from.

Options galore on Gouger

If you have a super-appetite, tackle a one-kilogram Argentinian steak. There’s Italian, Lebanese and the freshest seafood.

Indulge yourself with an eight-course degustation experience or enjoy an aromatic curry. Finish with coffee and for the sweet tooth, gelati to die for!

Eat alfresco

Across town in Rundle Street, ponder the possibilities including a mix of historic pubs and family-run cafes and restaurants.

From vegetarian to Indian, Asian to Argentinian, late night snacks to seasonal menus that change weekly, you’ll enjoy the sights and sounds.

Dine alfresco, morning, noon and night. The coffee is great and some of the chocolate desserts are amazing!

Five minutes away, Norwood Parade is famously European influenced. There’s quality Chinese, Indian and Thai (Thai style crocodile anyone?). Above all you’ll love the family-friendly atmosphere. Some of the restaurants and cafés have been here for years, so the coffee and gelati is superb.

Spruced up pubs offer award-winning menus and no matter what time it is, you can grab a traditional pie-floater.

By the beach

A half-hour tram ride takes you beachside to bustling Jetty Road in Glenelg.

Get off the tram under the palm trees in Moseley Square then look back towards the city. This place ticks all the food boxes.

There’s classic fish and chips, pizza, pasta, seafood, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian and Mexican. Enjoy a banquet or a quick snack.

Ice cream, tick. Traditional Aussie pub tucker, tick. Fine hotel dining, tick. What are you waiting for?

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