Eyre Peninsula Adventure and Outdoors

It’s adventure central

Are you up for an adventure on your Eyre Peninsula holiday? Explore pristine coastlines, rugged landscapes and the magic the lies beneath the sea. It's a little bit scary, but a whole lot of fun.

Swimming with sea lions, Baird Bay, South Australia

There are very few experiences in life that beat, or even match, the experience of swimming with sea lions as they frolic in the water, playing and diving around you. They swim so close, you’ll feel like the slowest member of the family.

Magic under the sea

See the amazing sea chameleons, Australian giant cuttlefish, as you snorkel or dive in the protected waters near Whyalla. These remarkable creatures change colour depending on their mood. The annual spawning between May and August is a thrill to watch.

Baird Bay, on the west coast, is the place to go if you fancy a frolic with a family of sea lions. For those seeking a real adrenaline rush, head to Port Lincoln and give shark cage diving a shot. It's sure to get your heart pumping!

Full on fishing

If catching a fish is more your style, the Eyre Peninsula will satisfy your needs. Whether you're a boatie, rock fisher, surfcaster or an amateur who enjoys dangling a line from the jetty, you'll be hooked by the bountiful catch available year-round.

Try game fishing with a charter boat operator who can take you to the best spots to catch a massive snapper or huge tuna.

There are many other species caught around the peninsula too, including King George whiting, kingfish, blue swimmer crabs, sand crabs, squid, garfish and others.

Jump on a board

There are plenty of other ways to enjoy the Eyre Peninsula's great outdoors - be it on a kiteboard, paddleboard or surfboard.

Kiteboarding and stand-up paddleboarding are fast becoming popular at beaches with smaller waves, allowing riders to feel like they're walking on water.

If you are a surfer looking for a gnarly ride, head to Cactus Beach. The far west coast spot is famous with surfers around the world as it's remote, wild and above all, awesome. You won’t find anywhere else like this in the world. If you’re not a surfer, go and see one of the best beaches in Australia.

Cunns and Crushers are reef breaks that offer good swells in winter. Riding these waves will give you an adrenaline rush. They are remote though, so don’t go alone. Less remote and very popular over the holidays and weekends is Venus Bay. It’s an exposed reef break that can be surfed at all stages of the tide. There are left and right breaking reefs.

Expect big, heavy way from April to September at the renowned Blackfellows beach at Elliston. The water is popular with seals, so watch out for sharks.

Outback adventure

When you’ve dried out, look to inland Eyre Peninsula for adventure. The Gawler Ranges are the Australian outback - wild, rugged and ancient. This is a place you should really see. Be amazed at the Gawler Ranges’ size, isolation and stark beauty.

You can also discover hidden waterholes and marvel at massive granite landforms, among them Turtle Rock, Mt Wudinna and Murphy's Haystacks.

The wide open spaces of Nullarbor National Park and Regional Reserve offer a rare sense of total peace and isolation. This enormous park, which is the coastal gateway to Western Australia, covers 2.8 million hectares and includes the world’s largest semi-arid cave (karst) landscape and culturally significant Aboriginal sites.

What's on in SA

There are plenty of events on in South Australia. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Things to do

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