Eyre Peninsula Whale Watching

Front row seat

Come whale watching at the edge of the world. Stand on the Eyre Peninsula’s Head of Bight viewing platform, jutting out from the mainland with the crashing waves of the Southern Ocean below.

The towering Bunda Cliffs stretch towards Western Australia on one side. Rippled, white sand dunes lead to the beach at the other. There is no better land view of the southern right whales.

Whale watching, Head of Bight, South Australia

Whales journey to the Eyre Peninsula in early winter, giving birth in the water. In the middle of the season, see bull whales try to attract a mate by breaching and slapping their tails on the surface. Get closer by plane or charter boat.

Watch whale calves at play

The first southern right whales are generally seen in the area from late May to early June. The first whales to visit are pregnant cows who arrive to give birth.

When the calves are born, they copy their mothers, breaching (leaping out of the water) and playing.

In the middle of the season, which is early August, the first bull (male) whales arrive. From mid August onwards, viewers may see the bulls trying to attract females by tail slapping, “spy hopping” (where the males put their heads out of the water) and breaching.

There is plenty of other wildlife. You may be lucky enough to spot a sea lion or sea eagle. The eagles scoop fish from the water, returning to their nests to feed their young.

Occasionally, a great white shark lurks in the area and the southern right whale mothers pull close to their calves to protect them from danger.

Return to the Antarctic

As the calves grow and gain strength, the whales prepare for the return journey back to the waters near Antarctica. Most leave by the end of October.

Whale watching tours

Although whales have been protected in our waters since 1935, they still remain endangered. Fowlers Bay was once the site of a whaling station. Now it’s a centre for eco-tourism, with operators specialising in whale watching experiences. Fowlers Bay Whale Watching Boat Cruises depart daily from Fowlers Bay Jetty.

Drive further west from Fowlers Bay and visit the Head of Bight Interpretive Centre at Nullarbor. Take a scenic flight from the Nullarbor Roadhouse. Flights depart on demand.

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