Kangaroo Island Art

Art is life on Kangaroo Island

Just step inside one of Kangaroo Island's many galleries and you’ll understand why one in ten residents are involved in the arts in some way.  

Neil Sheppard painting, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

There are 12 galleries, studios and artists’ spaces dotted around the island and their doors are often open. See artists hard at work on a potential masterpiece. Talk to them to find out how Kangaroo Island inspires them.


Exhibitions display all year-round, so no two visits are the same. Many galleries are in beautifully renovated, heritage buildings and in spectacular locations. Commanding views of bays and rugged wilderness only magnify what a stimulating place Kangaroo Island is to work. It’s no wonder so many Kangaroo Island artists are nationally and internationally acclaimed.

Kangaroo Island offers a huge range of handmade arts and craft. There are beautiful paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, sculptures, pottery, ceramics and silk paintings. See one-off original glass pieces made using Millefiori, a 5,000 year old glassmaking technique. 


Artists bring the outdoors indoors, turning local red gum trees into clocks, platters, lazy susans and distinctive salt and pepper mills. You’ll also find wood turning, leadlight, hot glass work and gorgeous jewellery. With so much choice, you’ll find the perfect memento to take home or even a “look where we’ve been” gift.

As you travel around Kangaroo Island, lookout for some eye-catching installations and public art. See flagpoles, seats, black cockatoos and murals. There’s no limit to the artists’ creativity.  

Art, food and wine

Easter and October are special times for our art community. Give the chocolate eggs a break and spend some time at the Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition. In September and October, art, food and wine worlds collide at the Kangaroo Island Art Feast.

For the art lover, the year-round showcase of artistic enterprise is a rich reward.

Kangaroo Island - it’s a masterpiece. 

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