Kangaroo Island Family Holidays

Fun for the whole family

Kangaroo Island will delight the whole family with its brilliant beaches, fabulous fishing, wonderful wildlife, tasty (honey) treats, sandunes that are perfect for sandboarding and fine food and wines.

Raptor Domain - Kangaroo Island

The kids will love the chance to get up close and personal with a host of wildlife on Kangaroo Island, including laughing kookaburras or slithery snakes. Visit the Maritime and Folk Museum to see how the first island settlers lived.

Sea lions, stars and sand dunes

You can’t miss the seals at Seal Bay or Admirals Arch. You won’t be able to miss the stars either.

Kangaroo Island is an awesome place for stargazing. There’s no city glare and the skies are pollution free. In the evening visit the "underwater" interpretive centre to begin your guided tour.

West of Seal Bay is spectacular surf beach of Vivonne Bay. For something a little different, head to the Little Sahara desert and surf the sand dunes. 

Learn about island life

Early settler history on Kangaroo Island includes stories of seal and whale hunters and shipwrecks. The old whaling equipment and seal skins at the Maritime and Folk Museum at Penneshaw will take you back to those rugged times.

Visit the Hope Cottage Folk Museum in Kingscote to see some rare South Australian history. Kingscote was the state’s first official settlement and the museum is in one of three cottages built there in 1856. Take time to admire the old farm machinery, car memorabilia and photographs.

There’s even a lighthouse to explore.

Visit a farm

Kangaroo Island’s locals love getting involved in your holiday. You can watch sheep shearing or see some of the rarest farm animals not on public display anywhere else in the world.

See more than 60 varieties of lavender on the island’s two lavender farms and there are also two honey farms where you can sample some unique Ligurian honey and honey ice cream. Yum! 

It's all about the animals

No one will pass up a chance to hand feed animals and it's also a great learning experience for the kids. Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park lets you feed their kangaroos and other native animals. For a real eye-opener, visit Paul's Place. You won’t leave without patting or holding the wildlife. If you’re game, he even has some very friendly snakes.

The two parks also feature large collections of rare birds. For more wild bird life, visit Raptor Domain, which has daily interative birds shows and a "Fang-Tastic" reptile display.

Kangaroo Island, it’s one giant wildlife park. 

Andrew Cosi Costello and family

He's the host of South Aussie with Cosi, a family man and most importantly, passionate about South Australia. Andrew 'Cosi' Costello shares his top five tips for a great family holiday in South Australia.

1. See the most photographed person on Kangaroo Island - the pelican man in Kingscote. Every day in the late afternoon, he feeds the pelicans at the Kingscote jetty. You can watch and hear his talk for just a few bucks a head. Well worth it.

2. Stokes Bay. If you go to Kangaroo Island, this is a must-visit place. I think it could very well be my favourite spot in SA. The fact its got its own tunnel as an entrance couldn’t get any cooler!   

3. Remarkable Rocks sounds like an obvious “must do” and rightly so - but look around the edges. You can actually crawl under one of the rocks and inside its hollow. The kids could even stand up in there!! Set them the challenge to see who can find it first.

4. I love family businesses and Clifford's Honey Farm is a cracker. I love the fact you can do a tour and find out how honey is made. I’ll give you a clue…bees make it!

5. Dive with the dolphins at Emu Bay. It's a great place to do this and there are an amazing amount of dolphins there. When we did it, there must have been about 70 dolphins. Unreal!

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