Kangaroo Island Towns

Discover the seven regions

Every Kangaroo Island town has a unique history, breathtaking scenery, friendly locals and sumptuous food and wine. 

On the deck at Sunset Winery, Penneshaw, South Australia

There are seven regions on Kangaroo Island: Dudley Peninsula, American River, Kingscote and Districts, Heartland, North Coast, West End and the South Coast. Make sure you take a few days and explore them all.

Dudley Peninsula

When the ferry lands on Dudley Peninsula, you'll hop off at the town of Penneshaw. It includes Island Beach, Baudin Beach, Cape Willoughby and Antechamber Bay. When the sun goes down, look out for the local penguins. 

American River

American River is home to some wild nightlife. After dark, grab a torch and you'll find tammar wallabies and brushtail possums right on your doorstep. Black swans, Cape Barren geese and pelicans also nest here. The island's oyster industry operates from here. Pelican Lagoon is a natural fish nursery and aquatic reserve. Pennington Bay is great for fishing. 


Kingscote is Kangaroo Island's “capital” and overlooks Nepean Bay. The local jetty is excellent for fishing. Grab some good shoes and enjoy one of the many nature walks around the area.  


Head to Heartland in the middle of Kangaroo Island and you’ll find Parndana. This "typical Aussie country town" is a good base for travel around the rest of the island. In late winter and spring, native trees all over this region bloom with vibrant wild flowers. 

South Coast

You’ll find many of Kangaroo Island’s major attractions on the island’s South Coast. Seal Bay, Australia's most accessible sea lion colony, is just one of the must-see destinations.  

North Coast

The North Coast of Kangaroo Island is quite a contrast to the south. Explore sheltered swimming spots, four kilometres of white sand around Emu Bay, tall cliffs and rugged terrain to the west. Stay in one of the many eco lodges and get in touch with nature. 

West End

To the West End, Flinders Chase National Park includes Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch and many great walks. Visit Vivonne Bay - it’s simply stunning.

Kangaroo Island - we’ve got it covered. 

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