Yorke Peninsula Parks and Wildlife

See the wildlife

Take a moment to slow down and appreciate life on Yorke Peninsula.

Get to know the locals. The Yorke Peninsula is home to seabirds like the pelican, white-faced heron, black-faced cormorant and flocks of seagulls. Mind your chips! There are all sorts of furry, feathery creatures who live on the Yorke Peninsula.

Cape Spencer Lighthouse, Innes National Park, South Australia

You might also spot western grey kangaroos, western pygmy possums and emus. These native animals, plus the malleefowl and rare tammar wallaby, live throughout the region. Many call Innes National Park “home”.

A spectacular show

The coastal scrubland of the area is full of acacias, sheoaks and mallee brush. Visit at the right time of year and the area blooms with beautiful native plants and trees. These grow wild all over the Yorke Peninsula and put on a spectacular show.  


Take a good pair of shoes and set off on foot. There are lots of walking trails that crisscross the Yorke Peninsula, in the national parks and between towns.

There are seven trails alone within Innes National Park and they all vary in difficulty. There's the 15 minute return walk to Cape Spencer Lighthouse; an easy half-hour, one-kilometre trail that takes you along the rugged cliff top of the West Cape headland and a more challenging three-hour return trip along the Thomson/Pfitzner Plaster Trail.

You might also like to try the Minlaton Walking Trail, Moonta Mines walking trails, Port Victoria Geology Trail and Stansbury Coastal Trail just to name a few. The walking trails are a great way to take in the scenery and learn more about the region. Remember to take water with you.


There are four main parks on the Yorke Peninsula: Innes National Park, Leven Beach Conservation Park, Clinton Conservation Park and Troubridge Island.

Each one has its own unique flavour, from the mining history and amazing beaches at Leven, to bird species and old lighthouses.

You can purchase national park passes and permits, download guides and maps and get the latest personal safety information at Parks SA.

Follow the trails

For a great lesson in the area's history, check out the two underwater maritime heritage trails, Wardang Island Trail and the Investigator Strait Shipwreck Trail.

The Samphire Coast contains Clinton Conservation Park, which is home to more than 60,000 migratory shorebirds. Follow the Samphire Discovery Trail, where you can learn more about this amazing area.

Explore this beautiful region. 

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